Reducing the Health Risks of Smoking


How to Use an E-Cigarette

If you are having a difficult time quitting smoking by going cold turkey, then you would probably jump up and down if you learn about one of the best methods in kicking the habit – the e-cigarette.

E-Cig : An Amazing Innovation

The e-cigarette also called an e-cig is one of the latest creations in the cigarette industry. This provides the user with nicotine vapors which come in varying doses. Just like traditional cigarettes, the uses can take a puff, look like he is smoking, but will not be subjected to all the harmful chemicals that come with regular smoking.

Do You Know How to Use One?

You have to know the different components of this small device in order to understand how it actually works. Most e-cigs have three parts which are the atomizer (also called the heating element), the cartridge (the part that holds the nicotine) and the rechargeable battery.

Using the atomizer: This is a vital part of the e-cig as it is the part that converts the nicotine liquid to vapor; an automated device has a sensor built in it. As the user inhales into the device, the sensor is able to detect the air that flows and then it triggers the heating element. As this is done, the liquid nicotine is converted to vapor.

The manual type makes use of a button as it does not have an auto sensor.

Utilizing the cartridge: This is a combination of the cigarette mouthpiece and the nicotine solution storage space. This solution is what’s known as the e-liquid or e-juice. There are now many variants for the e-juice such as menthol, tobacco (this is best for those who cannot let go of the taste of traditional cigarettes just yet), vanilla, cherry, coffee and many more.

The rechargeable battery: This is a lithium-ion rechargeable piece which determines the usage and standby time of the device. Apart from the frequency of use, the size of the battery also matters in to establish the time that the battery will last. Of course, the more that you take a puff, the shorter the battery lasts.

Quitting smoking is not an easy task for most people so do not even attempt to do go cold turkey. Using an e-cig will definitely help.