Health Ramifications for Australia’s Youth


kronic_650In bad news for smokers of the trendy synthetic drugs flooding Australia, the New South Wales ( NSW) government has announced it will ban all variants of the synthetic cannabis.

The NSW state government gave Kronic one of the fake marijuana brand names – users three days to have their fun: after that and as of Friday, July 1 – all synthetic highs are off.

As of July 7, possession becomes illegal. And the synthetic dope party that’s been legal and growing in popularity finally goes up in smoke.

The drug is currently sold legally over the internet and in, tobacconists, herbal outlets and adult shops under names like Kronic, Spice and Northern Lights and sold at websites such as

The so-called “mood-enhancement” market has been flooded with synthetic alternatives to banned drugs in recent times, including herbal ecstasy.

Critics of the ban argue it will create a black market or force smokers back to marijuana. Psychiatrists, however, say the drugs can impair judgment, induce paranoia and have as yet unknown health ramifications.

Clinical Psychologist, Canberra-based Julie Hause said, “You’d need your head checked if you smoked this stuff…and you’d probably need it checked afterwards, that’s for sure…it looks dangerous.”

Even more concerning is the anecdotal evidence that these products can be 10 times stronger than conventional marijuana and therefore carry an even higher health and safety risks

Mental Health Minister Kevin Humphries has said the government has a duty to ban the products because they are a clear risk to health and safety.

The booming resource-rich state of Western Australia was the first Australian state to ban the synthetic drugs after mining companies discovered employees were using the drugs at work to avoid stringent drug testing systems in place on mine sites.

South Australia followed suit soon afterwards, but unlike NSW gave no notice of its because of concerns people would stockpile the drugs.

Selling the drugs in Sydney and throughout NSW will be banned from this Friday, midnight, with a total ban on their use, smoking or otherwise – to come into effect a full week later, giving Australia’s growing number of users just one week to stock up and smoke up.

But not everyone supports the ban.

Sydney office worker ‘Joel’ (not his real name) complained there was no evidence, scientific or otherwise that proved Kronic or similar synthetic cannabis drugs had adverse health effects.

“It’s silly. Why not wait till there’s evidence… You can’t just ban something because there’s a general feeling it’s no good. …pot smokers will just keep using pot (marijuana) so why not make this legal and keep the money away from pot dealers. Just dumb.”

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